About Us

Our Mission

“Life is an adventure, make it your own.” and Northco is committed to enriching your adventure by offering the apparel that best adapts to your needs, no matter when in the day, or the season. We want to share every step of the journey with all our supporters to ensure they go in style. We always work to provide you with the high quality products that meet the highest standards in the industry.

    Why us?

Founded in 2016, Northco strongly believes in the bonds forged with all its supporters. Constantly, we have differentiated ourselves by our team that focuses on quality and creates with passion, always listening to your needs and your way of life. Northco will represent you in comfort, without sacrificing style

Our Values

At Northco, we strive to innovate everyday and when we create our products, we place the customer experience in front of everything. We are passionate about what we do and we love to challenge ourselves to surpass but most of all we want to listen to you, our customers. We are ever-changing and we'll continue to learn, grow and get better throughout this adventure with you